Hello humans…

Hello humans. Welcome to the dark and spooky world of October Rising. Come on up the steps. They do groan and creak a bit, but not to worry, they’ll hold. And those Jack O’ lanterns that sit like sentinels on the porch? Yes, the ones that look as though they are sizing you up? Haha perfectly harmless. Just don’t get TOO close to them. The door looks foreboding I know, but it is unlocked. It’s always unlocked. Go ahead, it creaks of course. A house like this wouldn’t be complete without a door that screams on its hinges would it?

And there you are. Let your eyes adjust…straight out of The Munsters isn’t it? There are tenants here of course, and you would do well to steer clear of them. The one they call Snake would probably just ignore you. I say, “probably” of course because you never can tell, but he is most times indifferent to such things. Should you feel daring and want to investigate upstairs, you need to notice straightaway the ceiling on the first floor; yes, that red stain that appears to be spreading? Hmmm….it’s quiet now, but do you really want to go snooping around where Wolf lurks? Don’t let it get to you. Most would have already fled, screaming at this point. You have done well so far. I say “so far” because you have yet to even go NEAR the basement.

Ah, the basement…approaching the door that leads to the underground, you might want to listen for a moment…Is that electric guitar? Why that’s exactly what it is. It seems as though someone who is quite skilled on their instrument is playing…wait, the music stops, and screaming starts? Oh my, it seems as though Skel is playing to a “captive” audience again. Oh that Skel! You look a bit pale… I think that’s probably enough for now. You should really take your leave of this place. The sun is setting and you have already stayed much too long for your own good. The boys in October Rising are writing and recording songs for their third release and they wouldn’t want to be disturbed. Should they find you listening while they are rehearsing…well you really should go now. But please, DO come back another time and tell your friends to visit as well. Just do so when the sun is high overhead. It is, after all, safer.

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